Le Zanzare (The Mosquitoes)

The Zanzare.  Oh The Zanzare.  Say the word outloud.  Zan-zar-ay.  Sounds a bit like the sound mosquitoes make, no?  Che miseria.  What miserable creatures!

So I should not be complaining at all, because the weather has finally turned beautiful!  The last several days have been hot, sunny, and very humid.  The center of the city is getting fuller and fuller of tourists, so much so that I don’t even go there on the weekends anymore.  I much prefer to spend my time on the other side of the river, where life is at a more normal pace.  Anyway, back to the weather.  Because we had so much rain this spring, the zanzare are plentiful.  Last week, before Fiorella had bought the little anti-mosquito devices to put in our rooms, I literally did not sleep for three days straight.  As soon as I was on the verge of falling asleep, that familiar buzzzzzz would start in my ear or I would feel a bite on whatever body part happened to be poking out of the covers.  I would throw on the lights and sit and wait until I saw one land on the walls and then— attack!!!  Then I would go back to bed, thinking that I had killed the one and only mosquito in my room, and right as I was falling asleep again…. buzzzzzz.  Oh it was horrible.  In one night alone, I counted 7 mosquitoes that I killed.  And they just kept coming back night after night.

Now here is a good question: if there are so many mosquitoes here, and they like to keep the windows open, why don’t they just have screens?  I mean, it’s not like it is the height of technology or anything.  And then they could have the best of both worlds!  But I suppose that if you have a screen in your window you cannot lean out of said window, a favorite pastime for Italians as they love to people-watch.  But to keep the mosquitoes out?  I’d say it was worth it…

There is this product here called Vape that thank goodness actually works.  It smells like soap when you plug it into the wall, but causes all the mosquitoes to die mid-flight!!!  Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll try to come up with more colorful representations tomorrow!


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