Mi Perdonate!! Forgive Me!!

I am so sorry that I have not been keeping up with this blog lately.  This last week I was out of school, and though it would seem that I had more time on my hands, I found that I was actually busier than usual!  I guess I was just trying to do all of the things I don’t normally get to do, including sleep in a little!  But this week everything has returned to normal, and I promise to do a better job of writing and posting pictures.  I have so much to share!  So my first day of the last month of language class was today and, as I expected, I am alone!  I am actually really happy about it because I know that I will be bravissima (very good) by the end of it all.  I will just have to make sure that I am on time everyday, that I always study and do my homework, and that I bring all my books to class everyday.  When you are alone, there are no excuses!  I also have 5 hours of conversation per week, starting today.  I had such a pleasant surprise today when I walked into class and saw Christiana– the same teacher from the first month’s conversation class!  I am so happy to have her again because she is just about as sweet as they come.  She is an excellent teacher and I felt that I learned the most during my afternoon hours with her.  Even though it is 2 1/2 hours twice a week, the time always flies!  She is just so easy to talk to and really keeps the conversation flowing.  There is another guy in this class with me, a German financial consultant, who is nice albeit a bit strange.  But then again, he is German.  They tend to be a little…. different.  There are not many new students at school this month, and even if there were I don’t have much occasion to interact with them.  With Andre gone (he is still in Florence, but is doing an internship instead of taking classes), it is a little lonely.  However, I think this will be the month that really solidifies my language abilities.  And after all, that is what I am here for.  That said, it is late here and I have to go to bed if I want to make it to class on time!  So I will say goodnight for now, with the promise of telling you all about my fabulous weekend on the sea… tomorrow!  So keep coming back!  I promise I have not forgotten about you!


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  1. Andre

    dont get too much better then me…
    and dont u dare not calling me when u wanna go get gelato..
    are u still sick of it?
    hope not!

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