I Don’t Know Quite What To Make Of It

So a funny thing happened yesterday.  It was a dreary weekend, rainy and gray and cold-ish.  I stayed in for most of the afternoon, doing some laundry and trying to muster the strength and will to go outside for a few hours before dinner.  I finally left the house around 2:00pm, feeling slightly down and missing my friends, all of whom were out of town.  I started kicking myself for not going to Genoa to the fish festival that they were holding there, but secretly relieved to at least have something familiar (Florence) to lean back on.

So I decided that I needed some soul therapy, and what better way to care for the soul than for some good, healthy, soul food?  There is a little organic latteria, which literally means “milk shop,” that I have been wanting to try for a while now.   It is several hundred years old, and was once only allowed to sell milk and coffee that had milk in it.  Even today, they sell milk and make one mean caffelatte, but they also have a nice little kitchen that serves up healthy food.  So I ordered a big bowl of vegetable soup, which may sound boring to all of you, but is my ideal comfort food.  It was great, and the girl who ran the place was as sweet as can be.  It did lift my spirits a bit, but as soon as I walked out it began to drizzle again.  Ugh, I thought to myself.  Now what?

So I walked around for awhile, exploring and trying my best to get lost.  Of course by now I know this city like the back of my hand, so every time I took a tiny little street that I thought would lead to another tiny little street, I always ended up somewhere I knew.  Well, that’s okay, I thought at one point.  I know just what to do.  So I did: I went to the closest (good) gelateria (ice cream shop) I knew of.  An old pal, Carapina.

Carapina is great.  They make superb gelato, but with a bit of fantasy and imagination in the mix.  The place itself is small, cute, sweet, and the staff is friendly.  It is not in the city center, which means that it is never packed with tourists.  Just the kind of place one needs when feeling a little blue.  So there I am, standing at the counter, asking what is new.  Kiwi Sorbet and Creamy Pine Nut.  Not so sure if they will go well together, but there is only one way to find out.  I take a medium, not a small.  I stroll outside and sit on their tiny little patio, and smile at the mama fussing at the baby for dripping chocolate ice cream on her new jacket.  I delve in.

Now, I have to preface this.  Carapina is probably my favorite gelateria in town.  Kiwi is one of my favorite fruits.  I love love love pine nuts.  So I take a bite of the Kiwi, close my eyes, and wait for the soul therapy to begin to make me feel all warm and happy inside.  I feel nothing.  I open my eyes, look at my beautiful mound of fresh gelato, and take another bite.  Eyes closed a little more tightly this time, I wait.  Nothing happens.  I taste the Pine Nut flavor, this time a bit more frantically, and then it finally hits me.
Oh My God.

I am tired of gelato.


I am tired of gelato!  Me!! Tired!  Of GELATO!  How did this happen and how do I make it stop???  I stand up, take my cup of ice cream, wave good bye to the girl inside the shop, turn the corner, and throw it in the garbage.  Only I don’t walk away.  I stand there, watching it melt in the can, feeling horrible and yet strangely satisfied.  Oh dear.  What am I going to do now???


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