Buona Pasqua! (Happy Easter!)

Because all I really ever think about is food, I thought I would spell it out for ya’ll!


I will be spending Easter with Nicola and Simonetta at their house in the country.  They bought an ancient place, part of which has been standing since the 1100’s, if you can believe it!  It sounds like Sim has done a marvelous job renovating the place, and I am really excited to see it.  I hope we have good weather, and lots of fun and relaxation.  Honestly, I was under the impression that Easter was a huge deal in this very Catholic country, but apparently it is not.  Anyway, there is the traditional Easter lunch of lamb and roast potatoes, which is enough to make me excited for its arrival!  I wish you all a very HOPPY EASTER, and hope you all find lots of eggs!!
PS: The cookies pictured above are a delicious chocolate-vanilla meringue concoction, called Quaresimali, sold only during Lent (“Quaresima” means Lent in Italian).  They are famous for being a creative way of getting around the Lenten concept of leanness in desserts.  They are “black” not because cocoa tastes good, but in symbolic mourning for Christ.  Interesting tidbits, just in case you were wondering!


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  1. Wyatt Crawley

    Hey Trish,

    I hope you’re having fun in Italy! I haven’t had a chance to read your blog yet so I have spent the last 45 minutes reading through all of your past entries and looking at your pictures. It seems like you are having fun and meeting a lot of new and interesting people. Jackson and I are staying at Grandmother’s for the weekend while my parents and Michael are visiting Davidson. Hopefully Michael can make a decision soon! Everything is going alright in Richmond and school has been a lot of hard work as usual. I can’t wait for the summer to come! I’ve applied for a summer program for three weeks at the very beginning of summer. If accepted, I’ll be doing conservation work on a state park in Virginia with other high school kids. I’m hoping to be sumbitted into the program so I can have something to look forward to during summer! I hope you continue to write on your blog. It’s always fun to read about someone else’s adventures in a different country. It seems like you have had many good and bad ones while in Florence! I can’t wait to see you soon!

    – Wyatt

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