I have been busy the last few days!  I moved out of Delores’ house on Tuesday and into Fiorella’s house, and I cannot even begin to express how happy I am to be here.  If you closed your eyes and tried to picture the perfect Italian host mother, you would be picturing Fiorella.  She is crazy– totally crazzzzyy!— but in the most wonderful way possible.  She has a cat with whom she is totally, hopelessly in love (Pucciola, pronounced “pooch-oh-la”), and I swear her entire world revolves around this cat (in fact, at this very moment, she is exclaiming, “Oh Pucciola!! Vieni alla mamma!  Oh Pucciola, mi’ amore!! Mi’ amore!!”)!  Pucciola is now 16 years old, but what a sprightly 16-year-old she is!  Of course with Fiorella around she certainly has never gone hungry… 🙂  Anyway, Fiorella is sweeter than sugar and has this spunk, this spirit, that was totally lacking in Delores.  I don’t mean to compare pedestals, but you can tell that she is just totally loving life!  She is animated about everything and very expressive, and a darn good cook, might I add!  We talked for two hours last night, about everything and about nothing, which was utterly delightful.  There is another American girl who lives here, Hannah, but this week she is on vacation in Barcelona.  I only met her for one night, but she, too, is sweet as pie and I think we will get along just fine!  She is from Durham, NC (small world!), but goes to school in NY at Sarah Lawrence.  Let’s just say that, though it was somewhat difficult to move, now that it is all over I am as happy as a clam!  She is a wonderful cook to top it all off, so hopefully I will learn a thing or two before I leave!


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