I love extraordinary weather.  I mentioned the rain a few days ago, but there was also another huge storm a few nights before that.  Lightning and thunder and rain like you wouldn’t believe– and then by the morning, the birds were singing, tranquil on their perch, the sun was shining and the ground was barely damp.  Yesterday there was a great wind– a wind unlike any other wind I have experienced.  I was standing in Piazza della Signoria, where the Uffizi Gallery is, and up roared a wind with such intensity that I was knocked backwards.  There was screaming as a few people toppled over and when it finally subsided everyone in the Piazza had a new hairdo.  The wind continued all day, along with the cold, and my friend Olina and I took refuge several times throughout the day, once in a cafe, then admiring the exceptional handiwork of Roberto Cavalli, Faliero Sarti, and the jewels of Pomellato.  There is such an wonderful art to beautifully crafted clothing, not unlike what you see in a museum.  I like to think that we weren’t shopping, but admiring beauty in whatever form.  We then decided that the only sensible option to escape from the cold drizzle was to have wine and conversation, so we found a cozy spot to curl up in for a few hours.  The sun has returned today, but it is still nicely brisk with a bit of a wind… I think it will be a nice day to explore wherever my whims take me this time.


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